Brand Development: The Three C’s all Strong Brands Have

Brand development

The perks of being a strong brand are magnificent. As a strong brand, you get to command the market in ways that benefit your business. It’s a give and take relationship that you’re in control of. You get to thrive the economic downturns; you can choose the projects and clients that you want to work with; you’ll be able to decide your position in the market and transitioning your business from one level to another is an exciting story you’d jump to tell.

Strong brands are the leaders that audiences love and every business person wants to become.

But have you ever wondered what it takes to become such a strong brand? Hard work and dedication are one thing, but if your brand itself doesn’t reflect proficiency, strike those factors.

Start small; Go big!

Strong brands cater to the “three C’s” when it comes to proficiency in order to establish a brand feel among its target audiences. Brand feel is important.

Every brand speaks of itself. For example, when you hear KFC, you know you’re in for some delicious fried chicken. But when you hear Walmart, it’s a totally different feeling. KFC, Walmart, HP…all the three brands give you a distinct feeling. That’s because these brands have established themselves in the market with a strong focus on brand feel. You trust these brands because they are professional.

Your feeling towards a particular brand is based on your interaction with the brand that eventually develops into a brand perception. It’s intentional.

So how do we create and sustain that brand feel? Answer — the “three C’s”.

  • Clarity
  • Concise
  • Consistent

Be Clear - Attract

The first C is all about clarity— how clearly your consumers understand your brand. Strong brands are very clear about who and what they are. When consumers are introduced with something new, they have a lot of questions and doubts. Your brand should be able to resolve their queries as clearly as possible. For the same, the look and tone of your brand are the principal factors to consider.

When deciding the look and tone of your brand, be careful. Does the look of your brand attract consumers? Does the tone of your brand appeal to the consumers? Do they understand your brand and business? It is important for your brand to reciprocate with your TG efficiently.

Especially your online presence. Your website is the first thing your target market interacts with. That’s why it should be built in a way that enables the consumers to navigate effortlessly. Are your products and their descriptions listed in the logical places? The clear your website is, the more your consumers would want to spend time on your page.

Be Concise - Sustain

The second C is all about being to-the-point— how long do your consumers take to understand your brand. It’s a common notion that to be clear, you have to say everything under the sun. As a matter of fact, you will only end up confusing your consumers, or much worse, lose interest. Whereas strong brands communicate an idea in the shortest way possible.

It’s simple— consumers are short on patience. Too much information overwhelms them and they bounce. The idea is to be clear and crisp. It’s true that giving detailed information helps your consumers but don’t force it to them. Give them a choice; that way, your consumers decide for themselves and get a feeling of the upper hand. Totally a win-win situation.

Remember “Less is More” and this principle applies to both content as well as design. Whether it is colors or the font, keep it minimalistic. You’ll see the result in no time.

Be Consistent – Retain

The third C is all about consistency— how often does your brand interact with consumers. When your brand is consistent, your consumers know exactly what to expect and they are equally excited about it. Now, what’s better than a happy and excited customer, right?

“Long absent, soon forgotten”— that’s very true when it comes to brands. Your brand needs to communicate with the target market regularly. Not only it reminds the consumers of their presence but also helps them connect with the brand. A consistent brand makes the consumers feel right at home. They know HOW to find WHAT and WHERE. No hassle.

Every great brand is clear, concise and consistent. It swings both ways. For consumers, it saves them time and energy while for brands, it helps them retain their customers.

Branding a business can be fun; it’s also about getting started on the right foot. So if you’re planning to venture into the process of business branding, you need to take care of the “three C’s” to attract, sustain and retain consumers, and stay ahead of the competitive curve at the same time.

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