7 Hyper Local Blog Tips For Real Estate

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Real estate companies in major cities of India do not realize the power of local. When it comes to real estate buys, many people who buy apartments are usually not from the same city or even if they are not from the same locality. The single most important factor they keep in mind is location. The distance to work, the distance to school etc…
Keeping these in mind real estate companies need to offer more than just images of their properties. They need to help the buyer with more information on the location.

Here are 7 hyperlocal blogging tips for any real estate agency


Write a blog post on each aspect of the neighbourhood


Write about all the local restaurants along with ratings

Retail Stores

Write about small retailers around that are doing an outstanding job

Local Parks

Give your audience an insight into the local parks and highlight the benefits

Local Schools

List down all schools in the area and segregate them based on  the type of the school, the syllabus they offer and the amenities

Local Attractions

Those who are not from the city or even from the same area may not be aware of the attractions in the surroundings

Local Service Providers

Help your audience with the local service providers such as daycare centres, cleaning services, electrical accessories outlets etc…

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